News | Portable Mobile Game controller -- PXN P30 Pro

News | Portable Mobile Game controller -- PXN P30 Pro

In October of 2021, PXN announced the launch of PXN P30 Pro Mobile Game Controller.

PXN P30 Pro is a new mobile game controller that differs from the regular Switch controller. It is compatible with the phones of Android 7.0+ and iOS 13.0+. (MediaTek chip phones can not be supported yet.)

It is currently available in 2 colors -- Grey and Cyan.

 PXN P30 Pro-color in grey and cyan

PXN P30 Pro uses the same button layout as Switch controller, saving the time to get used of new layout and allowing to program the buttons according players personal preference.

PXN P30 Pro also supports button programming through APP, which can be plug-and-play after programming. It is very convenient.

 PXN P30 Pro-button layout

The unique non-slip and curved design of the PXN P30 Pro controller can relieve hand fatigue caused by long-term gaming. The high-density steel plate is embedded in the tensile structure, which is compatible with mobile phones of 4-6.67 inches, and the clamping is firmer as well as not easy to bend and deform.

 PXN P30 Pro-suitable phone

With "Soulmate to Gamer" as the brand philosophy, PXN aims to start from the needs of  players, committing to provide the innovative and high-quality gaming hardware, software and service to players. 

That is why PXN launched P30 Pro. PXN P30 Pro Mobile Game Controller is an improved upgrade on the basis of the old PXN P30, fixing the shortcomings of the P30 to better meet the needs of players.

It is believed that after P30 Pro, PXN can develop and produce more satisfying products for players.

 PXN P30 Pro Mobile Game Controller

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