PXN 0082 Arcade Stick, Fight Sticks PC with Turbo & Macro Functions,Compatible with TV/PC/PS3/PS4/PS5/Xbox/Xbox Series X|S/Switch

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【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】: The PXN 0082 supports multiple platforms, including: Android phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, PCs and computer emulators, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and other game consoles. So, you can enjoy Super Smash Bros on the Switch, Mortal Combat on the Xbox or Street Fighter II on MAME, all with the same stick.
(Some devices will require an OTG converter, which needs to be purchased by yourself.)






【HIGH PERFORMANCE】: The PXN 0082 comes with 8 durable and responsive buttons and a high quality, wear-resistant steel 8-axis joystick. You won’t need to worry about lag or feedback with the PXN 0082 and you can count on years of hard-core gaming thanks to its high-quality parts that are built to last. So, get ready to kick some butt the next time you’re taking on your opponent.





【SLIP-RESISTANT RUBBER BASE】: The base of the PXN 0082 fight stick has 4 powerful suction cups, which will prevent any slips or sliding during the game no matter how intense the battle gets! And you won’t need to worry about breaking the stick if things get rough either, because the metal stick on the PXN 0082 is as thick as an adult man’s pinky finger so it’s built to cope with even the most heavy-handed gamers.






【EXQUISITE DESIGN】: The PXN 0082’s ergonomic design feels just like the joysticks and buttons of a real arcade machine. You’ll feel comfortable using the PXN 0082 and there is even a skinned wrist rest, to provide comfort to your wrist during intense gaming and prevent rubbing, chafing or calluses.







【MULTI-FUNCTION BUTTONS】: The PXN 0082 comes with home button, share button and options button, while L3 / SL button, R3 / SR buttons can also match the function buttons of your games console and support turbo, macro, X-input and D-input when used on a PC. The PXN 0082 is compatible with most arcade games: Street Fighter, King of Fighting, Mortal Kombat, Iron Fist and countless more.



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