News | TWS Wireless ANC Earbuds -- PXN Sense Buds X2

News | TWS Wireless ANC Earbuds -- PXN Sense Buds X2

In November of 2021, PXN announced the launch of a new product category - TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. The first wireless Bluetooth earbuds is officially named PXN Sense Buds X2.

PXN Sense Buds X2 Earbuds is a new TWS earbuds developed by PXN, which is a wireless Bluetooth earbuds with Microphone and charging case. It can be switched between Game Mode and Music Mode.

It is currently available in 2 colors -- Blue and White.

PXN Earbuds in 2 colors


Adopting hybrid active noise cancellation technology, PXN Sense Buds X2 is committed to giving users the best auditory experience.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is the combination of feedback noise cancellation (FF) and feedforward noise cancellation (FB). The doubly-fed microphone picks up external and in-ear noise separately, and the moving coil emits reverse sound waves to offset it, which can effectively eliminate environmental noise and low-frequency noise -35.

PXN Earbuds Hybrid ANC

Equipped with 6 digital MEMS microphones and AI intelligent voice ENC algorithm, PXN Sense Buds X2 has high anti-noise performance and highly sensitive directional beam pickup, which can ensure clearer voice, less background noise.

PXN Sense Buds X2 support both wired and wireless charging. It only takes 2 hours for wired charging and 3 hours for wireless charging to fully charge the charging case. ANC mode ON is available for 4.5 hours and OFF for 5 hours. When the charging case is fully charged, it can be charged 3.5 times, with a total of 22 hours of battery life, making you enjoy the games.

PXN Earbuds Wireless / Wired Charging

The packaging design of PXN Sense Buds X2 is very special. When you open the box, the left side is a Nordic style product picture; the right side is product content, which simulates the human shape.

This humanized design is very consistent with the brand concept of PXN -- "Soulmate to Gamer". PXN has always puts the needs of the players first and insists on developing and producing more different products for players.

PXN Earbuds Packaging

TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds is the first project developed by PXN after the game controller. We believe that PXN will bring more different surprises to players in the future!

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