Affiliate Program

 Affiliate Program


1. What is Affiliate?

Affiliate can earn commissions by helping us promote pxn-game.

2. How Can I Become An Affiliate?

Sign up to become an Affiliate of PXNgame: sign up

3. How Much Will I Earn?

You will earn up to 5% commission. The commission is calculated on a per-order basis, with each order receiving the flat rate commission.

4. How To Refer To My Friends?

Sign up to become an affiliate and get your personal link. Then you can add the link to your website, or by posting on your social media.

5. How Do I Track My Sales?

Log into your Affiliate Dashboard to track the sales you have made.

6. When And How Do I Get Paid?

Once you have reached 5 eligible referrals to place the order, your commissions will be paid at the end of the next calendar month. You should send us the invoice to get the commission. Please refer to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for details.


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