REVIEW | PXN TWS Earbuds Analysis -- PXN-Sense Buds X2

PXN Sense Buds X2 Analysis

This review has been produced by @David Thompson and published in Tech Times

Even if you like playing games on your phone, a regular gaming headset is likely to be too bulky for you to take with you wherever you go. The good news is that, as the popularity of mobile gaming has risen, more earbuds and in-ear headphones are being developed specifically for this purpose. A PXN TWS gaming Sense Buds X2 with a powerful microphone, a comfortable fit, and a well-balanced sound profile will guarantee that all explosions and conversations sound as they should while playing the game. Delay is also important since many Bluetooth headphones have a significant amount of latency, which might be an issue when playing with other people on the internet.

As much as gaming earbuds are popular, PUBG has kept everyone glued to their phones at all times. I have tried on a few game earbuds for PUBG and PXN TWS, and they have worked beyond my expectations for something at such a price. 

Noise Cancellation 

At this price, PXN Sense Buds X2 is a pretty decent earbud for gaming. Its 1805 noise reduction Bluetooth 5.1 chip significantly affects the sound you hear with 35dB of active noise cancellation. In addition, it efficiently suppresses around 85% of the background noise during two-way communication. 

In hybrid active noise cancellation, feedback noise cancellation (FF) and feedforward noise cancellation (FNC) work together. This is accomplished by using a doubly-fed microphone, which distinguishes external noise from in-ear noise. The moving coil balances this noise with reverse sound waves, totally eradicating ambient and low-frequency noise.


PXN Sense Buds X2 

These earbuds are available in two colours: blue and white. My PXN Sense Buds X2 are in blue. The case interior is a contrasting yellow colour that gives it a quality yet fun outlook for gaming. They are sleek, portable, and very light in weight. They easily fit into my pocket while on the go. 


PXN Sense Buds X2 Packaging

PXN Sense Buds X2 game earbuds come with a unique packing design. You'll see a Nordic-style product photo on the left side and a product on the right when you open the box. I highly appreciate how perfectly the PXN concept, "Soulmate to Gamer," is kept intact in the TWS packaging. 


PXN Sense Buds X2 earbuds

The PXN TWS are decent earbuds for gaming. Good sound and good audio matter for a realistic sound experience in games like Mobile games. These games are all about footsteps, weapon sounds, people speaking, instructions, and communication. 

The tweeters are made of PU composite membranes that help restore middle, high, and low-frequency sounds for clearer output. In addition, its FPC touch control is simple to operate. With a gentle tapping off of the earphones with your fingers, you are good to go. 

Battery Life

PXN Sense Buds X2 charging case

The longer the battery, the better the experience. For example, PXN game earbuds have a total battery life of 22 hours mentioned, but I observed it has a total battery life of 20 hours, which is considered a very good battery life. It stays for me 3 hours in ANC mode. 4 hours in ordinary mode, and four charges from the charging box. In addition, on the charging box, you can choose between dual charging, wireless charging, and Type-c cable charging, among other options.


However, I face the battery percentage in the user app has some bugs that show the wrong battery health. For instance, the app shows the full battery percentage even if it is low. It can be misleading and ruin the fun in-between games. However, try to keep the batteries charged before playing the game. 

Game Mode with Two Music

These gaming earbuds, PXN Sense Buds X2, feature dual music modes for games. You can choose between 60MS and more from the app. The PXN App has a simple interface to use. For Free Fire 60MS, with minimal latency, it gives a crisp and clear sound. 

Touch Controls

Fast-paced games like PUBG or Free Fire require quick controls within hand reach and do not lag. PXN SENSE BUDS X2 sounds are controlled with a touch. The sound increases and plays with a double-tap with a single touch on the right earbud. However, it takes a little time to get used to the controls, though, unlike regular earbuds, all the controls like play, pause, and volume are integrated into the plugs. It eliminates the need to leave the game to change or adjust settings. 

Multiplatform Compatibility

What I like best about the PXN TWS gaming earbuds is their compatibility with various platforms, including Mac, Laptop, iPad, iOS, and Android devices.

Dual Music Modes

PXN Audio APP Setting

These are a new generation of TWS(True Wireless Stereo) earphones from PXN that are wireless Bluetooth earbuds with a microphone and an accompanying charging case. You may choose between two modes on the earbuds: game mode and music mode. When you hear the prompt tone, push the earbuds (L) for 2 seconds; the mode changes to the mode you choose.


The PXN TWS earbuds feature multi-layer waterproof technology. They can withstand water pressure up to IPX4. Although the product is waterproof, helps in withstanding rain or sweat, it is not recommended to put them directly in the water. Therefore, when it comes to rain and sweat, the design is effective, enabling you to enjoy the game and music from any location or at any time. I have tested it in water and got a great result.

App Feature 

In the app, it gives the option to personalize the touch control. There is a QR code on the packaging box. Simply scanning the QR code mentioned on the box makes it convenient to download the app. There are variable settings in the APP's function settings for different modes like music and gaming. 

Playing video games such as Pubg, Greene, and card games

PXN Sense Buds X2 gameplay

It took me the longest to find one that has a good playtime and crisp and clear sound. The major issue with most earbuds is the delay in sound that causes issues during gameplay. Unlike other earbuds that I have tried, PXN TWS has a delay as low as 60 ms, which brings the fastest sound feedback to the game. These sense buds give me fantastic results when I use them in PUBG MOBILE with a very low delay rate, as well as I pointed out the enemy's location with the help of great footsteps sound.

PXN Sense Buds X2 Gameplay Experience

These earphones have a rich gaming sound with deep bass and a mid-rich sound signature, and a reliable in-line microphone, which adds to the thrill of online interaction with friends. In addition, the PXN TWS gives me a five-hour battery life in a single use, making it one of the best PUBG mobile earbuds available on the market.

PXN Sense Buds X2 charging

In addition, it is light in weight in terms of the build, easy portability, and excellent voice response, making it the perfect companion for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, and it simply fits the budget as a pair of gaming earbuds.

Moreover, its multiple platform compatibility with practically any device on the market enhances the versatility of the earbuds. 

PXN Sense Buds X2 packing

Final words 

PXN TWS Earbuds Sense Buds X2 game earbuds are equipped with the most up-to-date Bluetooth 5.1 technology and stereo sound during calls. In addition to being very stable, it features a lightning-fast transmission speed, offers incredible bass, and has excellent noise reduction capabilities. It also boasts handy quick-access features as well as a clean and beautiful design, making it one of the best earbuds for gaming on the market today.